Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Everything needs a beginning, this is mine. Let me fill you in on the details to start.

First, about me. I graduated a few years ago from a Top 100 US News and World Reports World Wide College, with a double major in Political Science and History. I'm young, and I am starting a teaching career, so even though there will be a wide variety of subjects discussed, I must remain behind the shroud of the internet so I won't be judged or prejudiced against at my employment. I assure you, in my classroom, it is a wealth of facts, not of opinions. My passions are sports (baseball and football), history/politics, and cars, and I intend to address each of those in my blog. Hopefully, I will figure out a rotation for days of the week shortly so anyone following along will be able to select the days for the topics they are interested in.

Second, about the blog. I hope to share my opinion, and support it with fact. View every posting as an editorial, a commentary, a belief, and not as straight fact or even "reporting". You have your pick of news agencies, listen to them for facts, not me. Certainly, if it is of interest and I have the ability to comment on it, I will. But please, don't use me for your term paper, your newspaper article, or your lecture to your peers. If I can inspire discussion, thought, or something else, by all means, run with it. Share this with your friends or keep it to yourself- your choice.

Third, my vision for this. I want to see this improve my writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills. I hope your feedback is nothing derogatory, disparaging, or vindictive towards the subjects I address. Certainly, you are free to disagree, but please be positive about it. This is no place for hate, prejudice, etc.

I am going to randomly cover topics for the first few days, maybe a few weeks, until I get my style down, and my thoughts centered. Please stick with me. Any advice is more than welcome.

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